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    Gwilt Family Web Site
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Christian Top - Christian Q+A and video witness
    Stop the Traffic - Slavery Today
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        Covenant vs. Dispensational
        Daily Bible Study -
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        Enduring Word - Dave Guzik commentaries
        Flaming Fire Illustrated Bible - EVERY verse being illustrated by artists
        Go To The Bible - Bible Studies and aids
        God's Story On-line (home) [ChristianAnswers.Net]
        Grace of God in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
        Jewish Literacy - Jewish History
        John Wesley
        Living Stream’s Witness Lee’s Life Study of the Bible
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        Old Testament prophecy - someone’s studies
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        Prophesies in the OT fulfilled in Jesus
        YouVersion - Bible Commentary Wiki
        Aunt Mary? (mmm - possibly)
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        Ancient Cultures
        AWMC - Maps for Students Revamped and Expanded
        Astronomers date the crucifixion
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        Bible Maps of Bible Times and Lands
        Biblical Archaeology
        Biblical Archaeology
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        Detailed Intertestamental Timeline With Notes on Judaism
        EBibleTeacher - Computer in the Sunday School and Bible Class
        IAM Map Index
        Jubilee Chronology
        Life of Christ
        Mesopotamian Timeline
        Text maps of places from antiquity to 2000 CE
        Timeline From Creation of Adam to End of Flood
        Timeline of the Bible
        United Kingdom Through The Captivity
        Calendars Top
            Calendar - Interfaith
            When-is religious & civil holidays
            Jubilee - Calendar
            Computus - Calculating Easter
    Sermons Top lots of sermons
        Desiring God - John Piper resources
        Early Christian Writings
        Quaker Writings
        Should Christians question what they are told?
        Thousands of Sermons
    Devotions Top
        Classic - Daily Light on the Daily Path – Samuel Bagster
        Classic - Daily Strength for Daily Needs – Mary Tileston
        Classic - Faith’s Checkbook – Spurgeon
        Classic - Joy and Strength - Mary Wilder Tileston
        Classic - Leaves of Life – Margaret Bird Steinmetz
        Classic - Meditation for this Evening – Spurgeon
        Classic - Meditation for this Morning – Spurgeon
        Classic - My Utmost for His Highest
        Classic - Our Daily Homily – F.B.Meyer
        Classic - Streams in the Desert – Mrs. Charles Cowman
        Family - HomeWord – Jim Burns
        Family - Moments Together – Dennis & Barbara Rainey
        Lifestyle - Daily Living for Seniors
        Lifestyle - Devotional for Dieters – Dan Dick
        Lifestyle - Today God is First – Os Hillman
        Passage - Daily Manna
        Plan - 5 Daily Bible reading plans
        Plan - Chronological
        Plan - Genres – in 1 year
        Plan - Historical order
        Plan - Intermediate plan – 1 year
        Plan - OT & NT together
        Plan - Straight through
        Plan - Through the Bible – in 1 year
        Plan - Weekly – 1 year
        Preachers - Dare to Trust – Ed Powell
        Preachers - Day by Day – Charles Swindoll
        Preachers - Day by Day by Grace - Bob Hoekstra
        Preachers - Desiring God – John Piper
        Preachers - Discover the Book – John Barnett
        Preachers - Early in the Morning – Woodrow Kroll
        Preachers - Ed Young
        Preachers - Elisabeth Elliot
        Preachers - From His Heart – Jeff Schreve
        Preachers - Harvest Daily – Greg Laurie
        Preachers - In Touch – Charles Stanley
        Preachers - Invading the Privacy of God – Cecil Murphey
        Preachers - Leading the Way – Michael Youssef
        Preachers - Lessons on Living – Woodrow Kroll
        Preachers - Power Point – Jack Graham
        Preachers - Purpose-driven Life
        Preachers - RZIM – Slice of Infinity
        Preachers - Strength for the Journey - Theodore Epp
        Preachers - UpWords – Max Lucado
        Readings - Bible Pathways – in 1 year
        Readings - Daily Wisdom
        Readings - Faithwalk
        Readings - Lifetime Guarantee
        Readings - Our Daily Bread
        Readings - Quiet Walk
        Readings - Special Forces ministry
        Readings - The Upper Room
        Readings - Today’s promise from the Bible
        Readings - WOW – the Big Picture
        Readings - Year of the Bible
        Teens - Discovery - Scripture Union
        Teens - Encounter with God - Scripture Union
        Women - A Woman’s Walk
        Women - Encouragement for Today
        Women - Girlfriends in God
        Site - EWord today devotions
    Christian Bookstores Top and New Testament Bible Commentary reviews, ratings, and prices
        Check on an order from's Home Page
        Cursillo Store
        Faith Resource Center
        Goup ministries literature
    Christian Music Top
        Invite ApologetiX to play at my church
        Free Christian Music
        Chuck Girard homepage
        Cyber Hymnal - download Christian tracks
        Lyrics & sheet/chord music Top
            CCM Lyrics
            Christian - words and guitar chords
            Christian sheet music from Creative Worship
            Faith Noise Christian music guide
            Christmas Sheet Music
            Grace Hymnal for downloading
            Hymn lyrics online
            Worship Archive - guitar chords
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            Christian Rock Radio
            Country Christmas Radio
            Christian Tuner - radio stations
            GodTube Christian video
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        Camp Washington
        Connecticut Retreat centers
        Retreat games
        Three-day Weekends Online
        Cursillo Worldwide Directory (1000+ links)
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        A Rocha - Christian Nature Conservation
        The Barna org - Christian polls
        Barna Films- videos for worship
        Bible Illustrations - from the 1800’s
        Christian Answers to Deep Questions
        Christian Book Publishing
        Christian Liturgical Calendar
        Christian Classics Ephemeral Library -
        Christian Home-Schooling
        Christian Images
        Christian Light Pub - SS material
        Christian Quotes - The Christian Search Engine
        Church Insight - web developers
        David C Cook SS material
        Editor's Christian Choice Sites
        FAQs on Jewish Culture
        Facedown - guide to fasting
        Father’s Love
        Free to Live
        Google Directory - Renewal Movements
        Google Insights for Search - Search Volume: bible vs. jesus vs. horoscope vs. astrology - CT
        Gospel Light - SS materials
        Group - Sunday School & other ministry resources
        Group - Hands-on Bible SS material
        Group - FaithWeaver SS material
        Hands-on Disaster Response
        Hebrew for Christians
        Institute for Creation Research - Flash presentation of ‘Dreams’
        It's a marriage thing
        Jesus Film Project
        Ken Collins - doing church
        Leader Resources - SS material
        LivingStream (Watchman Nee and Witness Lee) > 10 Things To Consider Before Your Church Hires Another Staff Member
        Morgan, Rev. Dr. Alison
        New Testament Canon development
        Nine Thirtyeight - UK group to help evaluate paid ministry
        One Prayer 2009
        Online Labyrinth
        PDF of slides on “know what you believe”
        Research on the Flood - missionary software
        Serving Communion in a Small Group
        Silencing Christians
        Truth about the davinci code
        Two ways to live - Gospel message
        Westminster Confession of Faith (1646)
        Westminster Confession of Faith (1646)
        Why Men hate Church video
        Witnesses of Messianic Jews
        Worship rehearsal
        Written in Stone - 10 Commandments and US Politics
        Christian Magazines Top
            Christian Teens
            Harper’s - article on Christianity in US
            One Place
            Reformed Baptist Church Inverness Scotland - Wicket Gate Magazine
            TGIF - Today God Is First - Workplace Inspiration
            Worship Facilities
        Christian Humor Top
            Charles Marshall Comedian
            Christian Cartoons (dot) Com
            Christian Cartoons - the Perry Bible Fellowship
            Christian One-liners
    Christian Reachout/Missions Top
        30-hour famine
        The Alpha Course (UK)
        Anglican Church-planting Initiatives (UK)
        Anglican Mission in the Americas
        Caring for Ex-Offenders (UK)
        Christian Prayer Ministries (UK)
        Church Pastoral Aid Society (UK)
        Friends of the Church in China (UK)
        Gospel and culture (UK)
        Henry Martyn Centre (UK) to study missions
        New Wine (UK) resources
        Night Ministry - homeless & others
        letter to the church
        Life Action Revival Ministries Second Life Campus video tour
        Pray for President-Elect Obama
        PureWater PureLife
        ReJesus resources for reachout (UK)
        ReSource (UK) Anglican-focussed resources
        SOMA UK - Sharing Of Ministries Abroad (UK)
        Small Group Leaders support - rather nice Flash for evangelism
        Transformation Africa
    Church Youth Ministry Top
        Group ministry site
        Sunday School Curriculum
        Insight - Grahame Knox, UK youth leader
        Simply Youth Ministry
        YM Survival kit
    Church Technology Top
        Index of top 60 Church Bloggers
        Index of Church Media sites
        Social Media survey summary
        House Church Networking
        Copyrighting - CCLI
        ForMinistry - ABS internet support
        Barna Group
        HIRR church website reviews
        Godbit - church & technology
        Planning Center - Church software
        Church metrics - free
        Church metrics intro video (from Granger Comm. Church)
        NET Bible download
        Startup - Church
        Startup - outdoor performance
        Startup - donations
        Startup - Church Logos
        Startup - eNewsletter
        Startup - internet Broadcast Live
        Startup - about Mogulus
        Startup - internet Broadcast live
        Startup - Internet Campus
        Startup - Internet ministry marketing
        Social site - LiveKite group collaboration
        Social site - MyChurch: A Christian Social Network
        Social site - On the City
        Social site - ROOV
        Social site - Unifyer
        Tips for Church Websites
        Vertizontal - Twitter Day @ church
        Web - Verse of the Day for your web site
        Web - Verse of the Day (ESV) & others for your web site
        Web - Sermon browser plugin
        Web - Designing the church site
        Web - first impressions
        Web - Instant Church Directory online
        Web - WP Church themes
        Web - Hosting - Webmedley
        Church WiFi issues
        Projection Top
            Collide - visual worship
            Projection - create video from slides & music
            Projection - Christianity Today on video proj's
            Projection - throw calculator
            Projection - worship software- EasyWorship
            Projection - worship software - MediaShout
            Projection - Jason Bedell on screen splitters
            Projection - resources -
            Projection - sample notices
            Projection - resources - Igniter Media
            Projection - resources - LifeChurch free
            Projection - resources -
            Projection - resources - free
            Projection - community design help
    Denominations and Organizations Top
        Kairos Outside
        Tres Dias
        Walk to Emmaus
        7th Day Adventist
        Assemblies of God
        American Anglican Church
        Campus Crusade for Christ
        Conservative Congregational Christian Conference
        Church of England
        Episcopalian Church
        Episcopal facts (PDF)
        Fellowship of Independant Evangelical Churches (UK)
        Ichthus Christian Fellowship (UK)
        Methodist Church
        New Frontiers
        Open Bible
        Pioneer (UK) (Charismatic church network)
        Presbyterian Church
        Protestant Reformed Churches in America
        Southern Baptist
        United Church of God - Canada
        Xenos Christian Fellowship
        Local churches Top
            map of Evangelical & Charismatic Churches in CT
            Flock Finder
            Northwest Alliance of Churches
            Bakerville - 8:30 - UMC
            Barkhamsted - 8:30, 10:00 - Pleasant Valley UMC
            Barkhamsted - 10:30 - Praise Christian Fellowship
            Collinsville - 9:30 - Congregational Church
            Litchfield - 10:30 - First Congregational church
            Covenant Church of Thomaston
            Thomaston - 8:15, 11:00 - Covenant Church
            Thomaston - 10:00 - First Congregational Church
            Torrington - 9:30 - Calvary Baptist
            Torrington - 10:00 - Center Congregational Church
            Torrington - 9:00 - First Congregational Church
            Torrington - 9:30 - First UMC
            Torrington - - St. Paul's Lutheran Church(Error 404)
            Torrington - 9:30 - NW Hills Community Church (VCBC 2)
        Internet churches Top
            Sat...6:00pm Flamingo Road Church
            Sat...7:30pm Life Church
            Sun...4:00am Central Christian Church (no Opera)
            Sun...5:00am Life Church
            Sun...7:30am Central Christian Church (no Opera)
            Sun...9:30am Flamingo Road Church
            Sun...9:30am Seacoast Church
            Sun.10:00am Central Christian Church (no Opera)
            Sun.11:00am Flamingo Road Church
            Sun.11:00am Life Church
            Sun.11:15am Seacoast Church
            Sun......noon Brand New Church
            Sun......noon Central Christian Church (no Opera)
            Sun.12:30pm Life Church
            Sun.12:45pm Flamingo Road Church
            Sun..1:20pm Central Christian Church (no Opera)
            Sun..2:00pm Life Church
            Sun..2:45pm Central Christian Church (no Opera)
            Sun..5:00pm Flamingo Road Church
            Sun..6:00pm Brand New Church
            Sun..7:30pm Central Christian Church (no Opera)
            Tue..1:00pm Life Church
            Tue..5:00pm Life Church
            Tue..8:00pm Central Christian Church (no Opera)
            Wed..1:00pm Brand New Church
            Index of internet campuses
        Other churches Top
            Top 100 Largest Churches in America of 2008
            Alternative Worship places (mostly UK)
            Photos of alternative worship in UK
            Apex churches in Vegas
            Cell Churches (UK)
            Bethel Evangelical, Swansea (UK)
            Brand New Church
   Waterloo (UK)
            Community Christian Church (multiSite)
            Cornerstone Church (UK)
            Emmanuel Church, PA
            Fairfax Community Church
            Fellowship of San Marcos
            Grace Fellowship, FL
            Gateway Christian Fellowship, CT
            Granger Community Church
            Holy Trinity CofE, Leicester (UK)
            Imagine Fellowship
            Imago Dei Community
            Kaleo Church, San Diego
            Matthew's House, the Church at
            NEOChurch - flashy, but bad design
            New Song (multiSite)
            North Baptist Church
            Proclaimers Church (UK)
            St Mary's, Ealing (UK) - alternative worship
            St Neots Church (UK)
            St. Simons Community Church, GA
            St. Thomas' Church, Sheffield (UK)
            Toronto Christian Fellowship (CA)
            Westwinds Community Church
            WillowCreek Church
    Other Religions Top
        Comparison between mainline Christianity, Sects and Cults
        Comparative Index to Islam
        Jewish Holidays
Social Issues Top
Shopping Top
    Stores that ship for free
    Search Classical Music
    Book Barn Search for New, Out of Print and Used Books
    CraigsList - find the best deals on Amazon
    DealTime Price Comparison, Store and Product Reviews
    Edible Arrangements
    English Tea Store
    bulk inkjet ink
    bulk inkjet refill kits
    J C
    Kevin Kelly Cool Tools - desk chair
    Left-handed shop
    Method soap
    Office Playground - toys for your desk
    Retail-me-not - online coupons
    Search for books and compare prices at
    Size Conversion charts Your Low Price Search Engine
    Shoes online
    Sierra Trading Post
    ThinkGeek Stuff for Smart Masses
    TravelSmith Clothes - point-of-use hot water heaters
    USB Turntable
    Warehouse Deals: Used and Refurbished
    Wedding Depot
    Wicked Lasers
    X-treme Geek®
    Bots Top
        combyo shop-bot
        plugin to find better price for the item your browsing
        automated review bot
        Swotti opinion collector
    Home Decor Top
        Blackson Lighting - solar driveway paving stones
        FirstStreet innovative home tech (self-charging smoke alarm)
        heatnglo fireplaces
        House signs
        MioCulture - lit-blade chandeliers
        Replacement tableware
        Solar and Wind Power
        Under-the-bed Nightlight
        UK stained glass -
        Wall safes
    Shippers Top
        Track with Twitter
        Red Roller
        USA Movers - get a mivong quote
    Selling Top
        Adsense alternatives
        Google - adsense
Travel Top - documenting where people want to go - Your Enlightened Guide to Airplane Seating
    PPRuNe - Professional Pilots' Rumour Network
    Show the Countries you’ve visited
    World Airport Codes - Index
        Fare finders Top
            Zoom - Discount UK air travel
            Farecast - free airfare predictions
            Orbitz Hotels - Explore Deals Today!
            SkyScanner - flight search
            Vayama - flight search
        Carriers Top
   - operated by Greece Airways!
            Air Canada
            BMI - cheap flights out of Nottingham to UK, Europe, N. Africa
            Continental Airlines
            NorthWest Airlines
    UK/Britain Top
        5pm - Deals on Meals
        All the Towns of Britain -
        British Embassy in USA - passports, etc.
        Castles of Britain
        Clare Florist
        keeping UK greenish
        Drawing the Union Jack
        Good - pubs
        House inspection - Immigrate to the UK
        Live Departures - real-time tracking of National Rail times
        National Trails
        QJump - Ticket Purchases
        Petrol Prices - find the cheapest in your area
        RadioMap - Radio stations around the UK over the Internet
        Train times - live (impressive Google mashup)
        Train times, book tickets, reserve seats for mainland UK trains
        Traffic info via Google maps
        TV -
        UK Hotel Guide
        UK Meteorological office
        VILLAGE Hotels UK
        Walking Britain
        Welcome to the official web site of the British Monarchy
        England Top
            Images of England
            Lake District National Park
            Pictures of England - links
            Traffic England - Highways Agency roadworks in England
            Welcome to Overwater Hall in The Magnificent Lake District
            London Top
                10 Downing Street
                BedZed - London Eco-Village
                British Museum
                City of London’s churches
                London Eye
                London Free entertainment - nothing over £3
                Lord's - The Home of Cricket
                Metropolitan Police
                Museum of London
                Parliament Home Page House of Parliament
                Transport For London - schedules, tickets, etc.
       - London underground planner
                Tube map - travel times - cute, interesting, inaccurate
                Tube map superimposed on streets
                Tube - official Tube site
                Tube - quickmap
                Underground Etiquette
       - nice things in London
        Scotland Top
            Glasgow Story
            Glasgow WestEnd
            Isle of Skye Brewing Company
            St Columba Hotel, Iona
            Online Scotland Photo Gallery
            St. Kilda
            Undiscovered Scotland
        Wales Top
            A Welsh View
    USA Top
        Castles in the USA
        Georgia Multiple Listing Service
        Hopkins Vineyard Metro-North Railroad Group Travel
        Show the States you’ve visited
    Other Countries Top
        Italy - The Catacombs
        Japan -
        Liechtenstein -
        India - Official Website of Ministry of Tourism
        India - Taj Mahal panoramic views
        Nepal - the himalayan kingdom
        Time for Travel Agency (UK)
        Netherlands -
        Thailand - Tourism Authority of Thailand News Room
    Beaches Top
        Africa - Discover Holidays - Villas In Maldives.
        French Polynesia
        Africa - Maldives Resort and Spa, Rangali Island, Maldives
        Pearl Beach Resorts
        Tahiti Explorer
        Tahiti overwater bungalows and Vacation Packages
        Tahiti Resort Guide - Moorea,Bora Bora,Polynesia
        TAHITI.COM Travel Desk
        Tuamotu Archipelago - Tahiti, South Pacific adventures
    Flight Trackers Top
        AirNav Live Flight Tracker - Internet based application ($$$)
        AeroSeek flight tracker
        Flight Arrivals and Departures
        Flight Status
        Links to AirportMonitor sites
        Lycos Flight Tracker
Computers Top
    MobilePlanet - The Mobile Computing Experts - Online Catalog
    CNET Reviews
    Hardware Top
        BillShrink - Comparison shop for cell phone
        3B - dirt cheap hardware
        Adapter - mouse/kbd to USB port
        CPU charts
        D-Link DBT-120 Wireless USB Bluetooth Adapter
        DVD Ripper News
        eMachines - PDA to Mobile Phone Cables
        Logitech Bluetooth® support
        Media - cdrw media online - buscarcdr
        Motion Computing - Tablet PCs and Peripherals
        Newegg hardware/software
        Nvidia dual tuner for PC
        OGO 1.0 - Windows handheld
        Order Status -
        Plastic Logic - make flexible displays
        Portable Privacy Machine - private files on a USB stick
        Tom's Hardware (Charts, etc)
        TV Stick - TV tuner on a USB flash mem stick
        Virtual Keyboards
    Software Top
        Adobe Software products (incl. Visual Communicator)
        Autostitch - stitch photos together to create a panorama
        Avery label software for Microsoft Outlook
        Barcode Printer Free Generator and Equipment Sales
        Free fonts
        Beautiful Fonts For Free
        Font finder
        BelchFire Themes - desktop themes for Windows - recall email if needed
        BonjourForWindows - network discovery
        Bonjour for Mac
        Sound Editor
        Business Audio software
        ClearMem - roll out stale memory pages
        Command Line reference for XP
        Keyboard Layout Creator
        Free clip art, fonts, icons
        DBAN - total wipe of a disc drive - destroys all data
        DonationCoder - free Windows utility code - get your own fax line - somewhat outdated idea
        EULAlyzer - Analyzes the EULA
        Fontennium - Fonts through the centuries
        How to bypass your BIOS password
        Jumbo Freeware and Shareware
        Konfabulator - add Mac-type widgets to your Windows desktop
        Konfabulator widgets
        Sidebar -
        Sidebar - Enso
        Sidebar - Rocketdock
        Sidebar - Launchy
        Linux - Ubuntu - multimedia tools
        Macintosh-izing your Windows desktop
        Magnifier for Windows
        Major geeks free software - free zipper and CD ripper
        Microsoft phone-home remover Free WindowsXP Powertoys research free downloads
        Multiple Windows desktops
        NASA software
        Norton Unloader
        Open Files displayer (Windows)
        P I Protector - flash drive privacy protector
        Palm software vendor
        PDF extractor to any format
        PDF extractor to Word
        PDF Writer
        PDF-TextBox by TallComponents
        Personal Finance Manager
        Punch! Software
        Screen saver - Drempels
        Simply the best Fonts
        Smart PC tools for data recovery nagware
        Synergy - mouse & kbd shared between PCs.
        Total Recorder - even record REAL audio streams
        Tree Mapping and other file structure maps
        Treemapper software (various)
        VNC - VNetwork Control - control Windows from a Linux, etc.
        Install your own VPN
        Weather Watcher - support hiring through your corporate web page
        WikidPad - free cross-linking data collector
        Windows XP SP3 Beta - email large files
        Image processing software
        AVS processing software
        Freeware Sites Top
            Alex Nolan freeware
            Free Wallpaper for each window - from
            Freeware from
   - Your Free Software Resource
            CNET's 'Best bang for the byte'
            Giveaway of the Day
            Intel downloads
            Shell Extension City
            SourceForge open source
            Tony's Freeware
            Windows freeware from Microsoft
            PDF of Microsoft power toys
        Freeware Programs Top
            IconFKit - free flash video-conferencing
            Boot CD for anonymous browsing
            Junction Link Magic
            LanSweeper - network inventory
            local HTTP web-filtering proxy
            Locate32 - fast file finder
            Pando - p2p file sharing
            Pencil - animation software
            PlacesBar Editor
            Photosynth prototype
            Retrieve your Windows product key
            Songbird music player
            StrokeIt mouse gestures for Windows
            WinDirStat - directory status
            Windows macro
            Yakitome - free text to speech
        Software Development Top
            RoadSend - PHP compiler & IDE
            AJAX bad
            Code Lobster editor (not free)
            Directory of file extensions
            Directory of file extensions
            Flash Development Kit
            Free software books and tutorials
            Microsoft Visual Studio Express/SQL Express free versions
            PHP & MySQL code search
            PHP Tips
            Python Programming Language
            Regular Expressions library
            Ruby on Rails - essay
            Open Source Ruby RUNT - Ruby Temporal Expressions
            Sort Algorithms
            Open Source IT data searcher
            Open Source text editor Notepad++
            Open Source text editor
            JEdit sourcecode editor
            Open Source FlySpray - bug reporting system
            Open Source bug reporting sysstem - phpBT
            List of open source bug trackers
            NVu - free Web authoring alternative to Microsoft FrontPage
            Open Source SubVersion Client
            Tortoise & SubVersion tutorial
        Office Software Top
            Attensa RSS feedreader for Outlook
            Downloads for rOffice 2003
            Excel expansion - from 65K x 256 to 262K x 18K columns
            Lookout - Outlook and Explorer string searcher
            JIRA - Project Issue Tracking Software
            Basecamp - Collaborative Project Mgmt software
            GanttProject - free alternative to Microsoft Project
            KOffice - free alternative to Microsoft Word and Excel
            Software602 - nearly free alternative to Microsoft Word and Excel
            OpenWorkbench - free alternative to Microsoft Project
            Sun Open office - free alternative to Microsoft Word and Excel
            Open Office 2.0.2
            Pando plug-in for Outlook to send big files up to 1GB
            Web-based alternative to Visio
        SysAdmin software Top
            hardware & software inventory for networks
        E-Commerce research Top
   - ISP Goodness
            digital certificates from thawte the global certificate authority
            Easy website builders reviews for small business.
            Online web site builder
        Images Top
            300 Images From 1800 Sites
            Beautiful Desktop Themes
            Free animated gifs
            GifUp - make animated gifs
            GIFWorks! Free Online GIF eTools
            Gorgeous Screensavers but you have to pay
            Stock photo search by color
        Sounds Top
            2001 A Space Odyssey Internet Resource Archive Sounds
            sound-bites from Hollywood
        Web Development Top
            Adobe Air
            Browser Specific Web Designs
   - your web on different browsers
            café - easy eCommerce
   - see if anyone’s copying your web site
            Create a Simple Graph
            Design Mistakes - top 10
            Error 404 page
            Error 404 page
            EyeTracker - how people view web sites
            FavIcon from pictures
            FavIcon from pictures
            favicon generator - nice site access
            Test how a font will look on your page
            GeoHeader Builder - add lat and long to your site headers
            How to delete from Google
            How to keep crawlers and spambots away
            How to make money on your web site
            How to redirect a web page
            How valuable is your domain name
            How WEBBOT Syntax Works (FrontPage 2000 SDK)
            HTML tools
            SEOBrowser - what search engines see on your site
            php security presentation
            Image Analyzer
            InterfaceLIFT Newest Windows XP icons
            Keyword Picker
            Magazine for HTML development
   - open source web software
            My IP Neighbors
            Open Source Web Design
            Resources for web design
            Screenshots of your web site on a Mac
            WebmasterFree - Freeware for the Webmaster
            Website grader - market report for your website
            XML validator
            PHP Classes
            CMS - Cushy SMS
            CMS - Joomla - web site builder
            CMS - LightCMS
            CMS - TypoLight
            CMS - WP
            CMS - Zope - open source
            install PHP on XP
            Libraries Top
       - Software and Scripts by
                Code snippets
                Code snippets
                JSKit - Content support library
                Dynamic Drive DHTML and JavaScript code library
                Fat Scripts
                free java scripts and applets
                JavaScript Source Free JavaScripts
       - free javascript files
                Matt's Script Archive Random Link Generator
                Xdrive - Free DHTML & Javascript
                WebAppers - open source resources
                JS-DateJS - date library
                JS dialog boxes
                JS-ezJQuery library
                JS-JQuery - masked input plugin
                JS-JQuery framework
                JS-JQuery UI
                JS-JQuery plotting library
                JS-JQuery file tree
                JS-Prototype framework
                Mapstraction Map API library
                Ruby - Date library
            Forms Top
                JS, JSON - inputEx - form builder
                forms - email validator
                JS - wForms library form validation
            Major components Top
                AJAX IM tool
                Dolphin - community builder
                Gallery - free personal web site photo journal
                Help Center Live
                Maps - Excellent lightweight PHP mapping software
                MySQL workbench
       - free but poorly-architected site software
                PB - make your own Wiki
                PHP-PHP Builder
                SimplePie RSS newsloader
                Sound manager
            Action Buttons Top
       - Free counters and more!
                mail to email (instead of printing)
                Project Gutenburg buttons
                Site Counter - - web site counter
                Site Counter - - web site counter/stats
                Site Referrers Display - who referenced this page of your site
                Site Trackback - - who’s pointing at your site
                Site Trackback -
                Internet Traffic Report
                Translators for web sites
                Walabok - let people send audio & video msgs to your site
                Weather Pixie
                Weather Underground Sticker
            Buttons Top
                Button Image Maker
                Generate an email logo
            Color Pickers Top
                Best color picker
                best picker & allows # inputs
                Good color-picker for multiple regions from
                Color picker
                color-picker from
                Color Scheme generator
                I Like Your Colors - enter a URL to list a site’s colors
            Menus Top
                CSS Menu builder
                CSS image switcher
                Drop-down menu
                Image map
                Image map menu
                Smart lists
            Miscellaneous Top
                Admin templates
                3-D package (software box image) generator
                Aardvark - a Firefox web-builder helper by
                Ajax Loader gizmo
                ASCIIMATHML.js - a math equation formatter for HTML
                Blogthings - toys to put on your web site
                Color picker source code
                Cooltext - button & logo generator
                File Thingy - give others non-FTP access to your site
                Fireworks on a link-click
                Iconize text links with CSS
                icons for your site
                Ganato - icons for your site
                in-site WYSIWYG editor
                in-site WYSIWIG editor
                Lightbox - 'glassbox'
                Logo generator
                Maps - MapServer mapping software - massive overkill
                Maps - OpenStreet Map - not quite ready for prime time, but interesting
                Maps - Excellent lightweight PHP mapping software
                Maxmind - free city & country IP detection
                PageEar - page peeler
                PixelPost - photo blog
                Pixton - Create your own comic strip
                Contest machine
                PollJunkie - Create your own poll
                popup box
                Printable paper
                RSS Feed onto your web page
                Simile - Exhibit (data displayed w/out DB)
                Simile - Timeline (chronological data displayed from a DB)
                Simile - Timeplots (graphs from time data - broken in Opera)
                Sliding date picker
                Smooth scroller
                Visitor map for your page
                Woork programming blog
                CSS blog
                XenuLink - Link checker
            Photos Top
                Flash image scroller
                FotoNotes - annotating images
                Highslide JS photo effects library - excellent
                image reflection with PHP
                image reflection with JS
                image transition manager
                image transform (PHP)
                Image Flow
                Jalbum skins
                MooFlow Javascript fisheye
                MagToo - slides, panorama, maps
                movies to GIFs
                My Image Size-resize images
            Validators Top
                RSS feed validator
                HTML validation
                Validate everything
            Web Stats Top
                web stat dictionary
                NedStat - site stats
                BasicState - monitor web site uptime
                W3 counters (internet stats)
                Woopra Web stats
                Site Stalker - site & host stats
                Stat counts for your web site
            Web Hosts Top
                Buying domain names
                BlueHost - Supports Ruby
                Host Review
                Web host directory
                Find My Host
                Compare Web Hosting Companies Web Hosts Plans Host Reviews
                InterNIC - Registrar List
                Namesecure Home
            Web sites Top
                Gwilt Family Web Site
                Journey Publishing
                Rating Burner - # readers of blogs
                AttentionMeter - popularity
       - how popular is your web site?
                Alexa - site popularity
                Social Scan - check a web-site's popularity
        InterNet Top
            AvantGo AutoChannel
   - free VPN software
            Info on DSL, Cable and Other High Speed Internet Services
            OneStat - Internet stats
            Peer-to-peer Broadcast
            the-cloak - anonymous surfing
            WebReaper - Download a site for local browsing
            Sites of sites Top
                All My Favs
                Get your name removed from lists
                Snoop-reducer - reduce spam hits
                web '2.0' sites
            Aggregators and Bookmarkers Top
                Bloglines - news aggregator
                Blogmarks - social bookmarker
                Cite U Like - academic research reference bookmarker
                Connotea - academic research reference bookmarker
                ConsultantCommons - messy comparison of social bookmarks
       - strangely like
       - a primitive StumbleUpon
       - very cool news aggregator
                FeedBurner - feed syndication
       - soon-to-be aggregator
       - aggregator from RSS feeds
                Frassle - social bookmarker
       - social bookmarker
                Jots - social bookmarker
                Linkagogo - social bookmarker
                NetVouz - social bookmarker
                NewsGator - news aggregator
                Reddit - blog aggregator
                Rocketinfo - news aggregator
       - news aggregator
                Scuttle - social bookmarker
                Simpy - social bookmarker
                Spurl - social bookmarker
                Yummy - PDF library
       - blog aggregator
            Blogging and Social Nets Top
                Blogger Dashboard
                Blogging tools
       - a primitive StumbleUpon with pictures
                BoingBoing - submissions
       - AIM social mapper
                Data Blogging
       - Geo-code blogs
                Geourl - find whose blogging near you
                Hello How it Works
                iMedix - find & share health info
                Most popular URLs
                StumbleUpon Toolbar
                Upcoming - a social Internet calendar
                Blogbard - speak your blog
                Widget: 'Text me'
                WP Themes
                Disqus - blogging comments manager
                Blogging how-to Top
                    Free Blog hosting comparison
                    Comparison of Blog software
                    WordPress › Home
           - free blog hosting
                    Copyright tips for Bloggers
                    DisqUs - add threaded conversations to your blog comments
                    Make your own multi-page Bookmarklet Tool
                    Trackback Pinger
            Browsers Top
                Browzor - no traces left
                FireFox browser
                Flock - Beta
                Maxthon browser
                Mozilla browser
                Netscape browser
                Opera browser
                Opera support tools
                Active page monitoring - get notified if a page is changed
                get notified by RSS if a (non-RSS) page changes
                Comparing Browser Speeds
                Deadlinks - validate your bookmarks
                Firefox Extensions
                Firefox extensions -
                Firefox extensions - foXpose - tabs thumnail
                Firefox Hacks
                Firefox speedup
                Firefox - how to install GreaseMonkey
                Firefox - Greasemonkey - Squeeze Bloglines
            People Communication Top
                Unison - Integrated PBX, VOIP, email, IM, calendars, etc
                Directories Top
                    US Search - AT&T White pages
                    US Search - AT&T phonebook
                    UK Search -
                    UK search - Yellow Pages
                    Australia - White Pages
                    3-digit phone numbers
                    Hard-to-find 800 numbers
                    IBM employee directory
                    Northwest Corner, CT Yellow & White Pages
                    People search
                    Reverse Lookups
                    Sullr - reverse phonebook
                    Unlisted 800 phone finder
                    Yahoo! People Search
                    US Marriage Database - Geneology
                    UK - National missing persons Hotline
                    Find anyone online
                    Zaba Search
                    NavXS - track friends with their cell phone GPS
                    How to get to a human being on the phone tree
                    Caller Complaints
                eCards Top
                    My eCards
                    Christian ecards
           - ecards
                Collaboration Top
                    AwesomeHighlighter - highlight web pages & email them
                    co-ment : Web-based text annotation
                    audio web collaboration
                    xyWrite it - collaborate on a document
                    collabtive - Collaborative project management
                    Collaborative project management
                    Basecamp project management
                    LiveKite group collaboration
                Conferencing Top
                    Free conference calls
                    Confabio - video conferencing
                    MeBeam - video conferencing
                    Oovoo video conferencing
                    SlideLive - share PPT online (no mention of audio or video)
                    TokBox - video conferencing
                    Yugma - skype-based video conferencing
                Connecting Top
                    CircleUp - invite to a meeting
                    FuseCal - mere online calendars
                    Meet-o-matic - invite to a meeting
                    Pingg - eInvitations
                    WhichWeekend - set up meeting
                    Stop Forwarding things to me
                Email Top
                    ASCII Generator
                    Coolsig - Find Great Email Signatures
                    PHPList - newsletter emailer
                    Email templates
                    Open EMM - free email maillist manager
                    FreePops - webmail to POP3
                    Gmail apps
                    Gmail Help
                    Gmail Tips
                    How to trace emails
                    Pegasus free email
           - keep Outlook contacts updated
                    send large files - filemail
                    send large files -
                    send large files - SendAlong
                    Thunderbird email
                    Thunderbird alpha testing
                    TrueSwitch - help for switching email or ISP
                    ZIXMail - secure email
                    Move messages from Thunderbird to Outlook & OE
                    Move messages from Outlook to Thunderbird
                Messenger Services Top
                    GotoMeeting Net meeting
           - IRC client
                    IRC - archive of help files
                    GizmoSMS - free messages to any mobile phone
                    Twitter API
                    Twitter Wiki
                    Commuter feed info via Twitter
                    building a twitter-bot
                Screencasts Top
                    AviScreen Screencast recorder (no audio support)
                    CamStudio screencast recorder
                    FreeScreencast recorder
                    Jing screencast recorder
                    Screencast-o-matic Screencast recorder
                    Omnisio - video & ppt synchronized
                    Videocam & screencast software
                Vmail Top
           - free VOIP vmail
                    VoxLite - vmail
                VOIP Top
                    AsterFax (email to fax gateway)
                    Asterisk PBX and VOIP
           - open source PBX
                    AsteriskAtHome - home PBX
                    Asterisk PC cards
                    FreePBX panel
                    VarPhonex installation guide for Asterisk
                    Asterisk for Windows
                    DUALPhone - VoIP and landline phone
           - IP phones
                    GizmoProject - another free phone program for your PC
                    JaJah - like Skype
                    MyVoIPProvider - rate VoIP services
           - pricer
                    Developer Skype
                    Skype Forums
                    Skype Journal
                    Skype videoconferencing - from Spontania
                    Skype Voicemail free
                    Jyve - Skype community
                    Gizmo - like Skype
                    Truphone - free/cheap mobile costs worldwide
                    VOIP and regular phone adapter
                    VOIP phone - IPEVO
                    VOIP wiki
                    voipsupply - IP phones
                    Vonage wifi phones
                    Wakerupper - Free wakeup calls
           - on-screen phone
                    Yate - Yet Another Telephony Engine
            Spam and Spyware Busters Top
                Ad-Aware SE Personal - Software - Lavasoft
                Anti-Spam - Fight Back Against Spammers
                BlackLight rootkit detector
                Hoaxes - McAfee
                Hoaxes - Symantic
       - Home
                Keylogger bypasser - 'I Hate Keyloggers'
                Okopipi - Black Frog
                OpenRBL - look up an IP to see who thinks it's a spammer
                PopupTest - test your popup blocker and download software
                Ransomeware article
                Rootkit Hook Analyzer
                ScamBusters - protecting against internet fraud
       - report spammers
                Spam poison
                SpamNet (like BlueFrog & BlackFrog)
       - anti-spyware software
                Spyware Reviews
                Zombie check
            Tech Blogs Top
                RSS blog
                VOIP blog
            Tools Top
                Color picker
                Are you connecting to other sites unaware?
                Bug Me Not - bypass compulsory registration
                Check pageRank, etc
                AboutURL - info about any URL
       - Browser Compatibility Verification
                Bandwidth Speed Checker - good
                Bandwidth Speed checker - CNet
                Bandwidth Speed Checker - SBCglobal
                Convert web pages for PDF
                Daily Changes - domains released
                DNS tools, WHOIS, tracert, ping, etc.
                Jottings - an email munger to thwart spambots
                reCaptcha - email munger
                Email munger
                Email munger
                Email munger
                Email munger
                email munger (not great)
                email name to image
                Online File converter
                Flash Video Converter
                Free Network Query tool - SamSpade
                Freeware downloads at
                Google’s deadly webaccelerator - don’t use it!
                Internet Health Report
       - PC-side health check
       - geographic location of an IP address
       - geographic location of an IP address
                IP info - Find you IP address
                IP info - Info_about_you
                IP info - All the collectible info from your IP address
                IP info - IP addr & other data
                Make A Shorter Link About
                Map your ISP's address
                My Little Mole - search toolbar that blocks bad sites
                Netcraft Uptime Survey
                Network IP tools
       - you saw it first - tell them here
                Pagerank Reporter
                JustPing - pinger around the world
                Plot an IP address
       - web filter proxy
                ReadTheWords - PC reads anything aloud
                Realtime HTML editor
                Safari Browser Test - how does your page look on Safari?
       - help desk
                Sign Builder
                Site Pointer - - who’s pointing at your site
                StripDir - grab all images from a site
                Thumbnails - ArtViper link
                Thumbnails - SnapShots
                Thumbnails -
                Thumbnails - Open source
                Thumbnails - Link preview
                Thumbnails - iWebtool (doesn't update fast)
                Time (US atomic clock)
                Time Clock servers
       - where tiny is better!
                Torrent Video Broadcaster
                URL Snooper - packet sniffer
                Visualroute - traceroute to a map
                Visual Subst - virtual drive letters for folders
                Whois, traceroute and DNS Records Lookup
                WHOIS -
                BustAName - wildcard whois
                Whois Source - Wildcard Domain Search Lookup
            Tutorials and APIs Top
                Language ratings
                fantastic reference for CSS, JS, HTML, PHP, AJAX
                IT Knowledge Exchange - free answers
                Tutorial search engine
                Tutorials - CSS, HTML, JavaScript - good
                Tutorials - CSS, HTML, RSS, Ruby, XHTML, WiFi
                CSS, JQuery, AJAX
                Tutorials - CSS, HTML
                Tutorials - CGI, HTML and Java
                Reference - Microsoft
                Adobe Air
                Adobe Flash
                AJAX Tutorial (Quackit)
                Server-side cheat sheets
                C# - programming tips
                CSS - Cheat Sheet
                CSS - tutorial (Quackit - good)
                CSS - tutorial
                CSS - tutorial
                CSS - tutorial
                CSS - tutorial
                CSS - reference - w3schools (poor)
                CSS - tricks
                CSS - examples & templates
                CSS - tutorial Zen Garden
                CSS - opacity
                CSS - rounded corners
                Email headers
                Excel - Microsoft Excel Tutorial
                Excel Examples
                Firefox - Greasemonkey
                Flash - - Tutorials for Webmasters
                Flash - tutorials
                FTP - how to in DOS
                how - the Net works
                how - to capture streaming video
                How - to embed Google maps
                how - to set up a VPN
                how - to use your HOSTS file
                howto's - Free PC Tech
                HTML - Color codes - best
                HTML - Color codes
                HTML - Code snippets
                HTML - Reference - best
                HTML - Reference - simplest
                HTML Reference (Quackit)
                HTML - Reference
                HTML Input
                HTML - character entities (best)
                HTML - character entities
                HTML - character entities
                JavaScript Tutorial (Quackit)
                JavaScript - DevGuru Reference
                JavaScript - MooTools for the rest of us
                Javascript - but poor tutorial
                Javascript - debug in Opera
                JavaScript Tutorial - good
                JavaScript Object tree
                JavaScript - VisiBone’s reference sheet
                JSON intro
                Linux newbie reference guide
                Linux system process management
                how to - set up a linux CVS server
                MySQL - reference
                Office Help tips - recover damaged Outlook archives
                PHP - Object generator
                PHP Tutorial (Quackit)
                PHP - tutorial
                PHP - Tutorial w3schools
                RAID Drives
                Regular Expression - Reference sheet
                Regular Expression tester
                Regex tester
                RSS - how to republish RSS on your website
                RSS - tutorial
                RSS - tutorial
                Ruby - language
                Ruby - tutorial
                SOAP Tutorial
                Security glossary from cnet
                SQL Tutorial (Quackit)
                SQL - tutorial
                TCP/IP Tutorial
                VB Tutorial (Quackit)
                vi - editor tutorial
                Web Tutorials
                Windows ALT key codes
                Windows OS tutorial - svchost.exe
                XML Tutorial
                XML Family Picture
                Quackit Tutorials Top
                    AJAX Tutorial (Quackit)
                    CSS - tutorial (Quackit - good)
                    HTML Reference (Quackit)
                    JavaScript Tutorial (Quackit)
                    PHP Tutorial (Quackit)
                    SQL Tutorial (Quackit)
                    VB Tutorial (Quackit)
            WebCams Top
                Abbey Road
                BBC WebCams
                Eagle Watch
                Earth Cam
                Eternal Sunset
                Free Traffic phonecams
                Hencam UK
                Monterey Bay Aquarium Aquarium Exhibits - Live Shark Cam
                NASDAQ MarketSite
       panda cam
       polar bear cam
                Opentopia - webcams auto-found on the web
                WebCam Central
            WiFi Top
                Secure your wifi network
                Supercharge your Wifi router
                HotSpotHaven - find Wifi
                Internet wi-fi hotspots
                WiFi directory
       - database of WiFi with sysid
News Top
    Analysis Top
        Twist - twitter trends
    Magazines Top - for CIOs and information executives Small and Home Based Business Resources
        BusinessWeek Online - links to AI journals
        CNET reviews - Australia - USA
        Dr Dobbs Journal - Financial News - Business News - Home
        FreeSoftwareMagazine - Home US
        was - hardware reviews The Leading Small Business Resource for the Entrepreneur
        Industryweek Leadership In Manufacturing
        IOMA Home Page - community magazine - web and blog design magazine
        Science Day
        ScienceDev News Magazine
        WindowsSecrets newsletter
    News Letters Top
        Rootsecure - sysAdmin security news
        CNet Networks email subscription Newsletters
        Investment briefing
    News Readers Top
        Bloglines Free Web-Based News Aggregator
        Instapaper - read it later
        NewsIsFree About this Site
        Speakwire - the PC reads news headlines to you - in a Scottish accent
        WinPlanet Downloads for Windows Internet Applications
    News Sites Top
        BBC Index
        BBC press office
        BlinxBeat - video news as wallpaper
        Browser News
        CEOExpress Business executives created by a busy executive
        Chemical and Engineering News What's That Stuff - News Links Science and Technology
        Fox News
        Globe and
        Google News
        Hartford Courant
        Herald Tribune (International)
        India Times - USA Edition
        India Times - Economic Times
        Left Business Observer
        MSNBC - headlines
        MSNBC - video news
        NEWS of the WEIRD - Current News
        Panorama - Gibraltar’s Daily
        Providence Journal, R.I.
        Reuters Latest
        ScienceDaily Magazine - UK news
        Sunday Herald - Scotland
        Universe Today - Current News
        Waterbury Republican
        Wi-Fi Networking News
        WikiLeaks - U.S. Home
    RSS feeds Top
        lists of RSS feeds
        merge RSS/Atom feeds into one
        merge RSS/Atom feeds into one
        merge RSS/Atom feeds into one
        merge RSS/Atom feeds into one
    Podcasts Top
        American Family Radio - Christian radio stream
        BBC broadband content - BBC programs - radio plays
        BoingBoing audio - Christian programs
        Podcast index - Public Radio
        RadioMemories - podcasts
        Turtles Jukebox - recordings of 78rpms
    Radio Top
        Radio Station Guide Radio Tuner
        This American Life
    Movies Top trailers
        Biographies of the stars
        Box Office Mojo
        Brit Movies
        connectivity cloud - movies & music
        Ingrid Bergman films
        Live Plasma - excellent movie connection cloud
        Movie poster wallpaper
        Movie Spoilers
        Rotten Tomatoes - reviews of current movies
        Silent Movies online
        Yahoo Movie Listings
    TV Top
        Reuters Video
        Hulu - Syndicated TV over the web
        UK -
        UK -
        Weather Watcher - software download
        Fast TV Listings
        Sync TV - legal? Dunno
        Yahoo TV Listings
        MyTVRSS - RSS listings for your TV shows
    Video Top
        BBC Motion Gallery
        Blinx - Video archive
        Convert & merge videos
        Fast YouTube
        FireANT - find, download and play videos
        Internet Archive - movies in the public domain - free hosting of videos
        'QuickTime alternative' codecs
        'Real Alternative' codecs
        TimeTube - search various video sites and see the timeline
        Viddler video clips
        Vimeo video
        Warner Bros. Hip Clips
        YouTomb - what's been kicked off YouTube, by whom
        YouTube timeline
    Weather Top
        Finding the FallFoliage
        Google -
        NOAA StormTracker
        NASA Storm paths
        Weather Underground Forecast for Harwinton, CT
        Weather Underground History
        Weather Underground Radar Map
Reference Top
    Dictionaries and Encyclopedias Top
        Acronym Finder
        Aphorisms Galore! -- Feed Your Wit
        Ask Oxford
        Baby Names
        British Library
        Campbell R. Harvey's Hypertextual Finance Glossary
        Census Demographics mapped
        CIA Factbook
        Dictionary - Yahoo! Reference
        Encyclopædia Britannica
        English to SMS
        First Name Etymology
        GIGA Quotes
        Language Tools - iTools
        Language Translator -
        Language Translator - English/Polish
        Latin Quotes and phrases
        Medical abbreviation dictionary 1
        Medical Abbreviation Dictionary 2
        Medical abbreviation dictionary 3
        Music/Song dictionary
        Guitar tabs
        OEDILF - Oxford English Dictionary in Limerick Form
        OneLook Dictionary Search
        Online Dictionary -
        Online Etymology Dictionary
        On-line information from
        Open Dictionary
        Perfect People Dictionary
        Roget's Thesaurus
        State of the World Define Your World
        Wisdom Quotes
        World Wide Words - weird words
    Maps Top
        FlashEarth - Google, MS, Yahoo!, NASA maps
        Earth and Moon Viewer
        Filmmaking Risk Map
        Google Earth - replacement for Keyhole
        Google Maps
        Google Maps - cheap gas
        Google Maps - find movie
        Google Maps - housing
        Google Maps - NYC Subways
        Google Maps - sightseeing in UK
        Google Maps -
        jdmcox - map stitcher from Microsoft
        MSN’s - Online Maps to Everywhere
        National Geographic Online
        Nations Online a guide to countries and nations of the world
        Phone - - coverage map
        Phone - VerizonWireless - coverage map - crude maps of where people/places are
        TerraServer V5.0 Homepage
        Reference maps
        UK - Free downloadable maps from Ordnance Survey
        UK - Google Maps
        UK -
        UK -
        NASA'a Visible Earth Browser
        Welcome to
        Distance calc latitude & longditude
    Science and Technology Top
        Astronomy - Don Goldman images
        Astronomy - Earth at a Glance
        Hubble Deep Field images & lecture
        Astronomy - Mr
        Astronomy - The Future of the Solar System
        Astronomy - Voyager 1 hits the Heliosheath
        Astronomy - Xray - The Chandra.Chronicles
        Biography - Werner Heisenberg
        Chemistry - Periodic Table - Flash Version
        Chemistry - PeriodicTable
        Chemistry - 41 Anomalies of Water
        Comp Sci - ACM algorithms
        Comp Sci - an introduction to Quantum Computing
        Comp Sci - CMMI
        Comp Sci - Software Development Methodology
        Comp Sci - Sorting Algorithms
        Genetics - Dept of Energy - Genome projects
        Geology - Seismic Monitor
        How to Clean Anything
        Wired's How-to Wiki
        Math - 3D Geometric Surface Atlas
        Math - Free college videos
        Math - Atlas of Mathematics
        Math - Calculus Primer
        Math - Curious Math - Mental tricks
        Math - Dave’s short Trig Course
        Math - Eames Office - Powers of Ten
        Math - EqWorld - Math equations
        Math - Factor Calculator
        Math - Fibonacci numbers
        Math - first uses of mathematics terminology
        Math - Fun Facts
        Math -
        Math - draw a 17-ogon
        Math - Magic Square construction - by chandru arni
        Math - Mathematical Atlas
        Math - Not Fermat’s solution
        Math - Numbers
        Math - Number Spiral - fascinating look at the geometry of integers
        Math - Numerical Analysis
        Math - Octave - a language for Math software
        Math - online calculator
        Math - On-line Calculator - including support for summation
        Math - on-line calculator
        Math - Perfect numbers
        Math - Phi and phi - the golden number
        Math - Pi - running calc
        Math - Pi - Search for number strings
        Math - The golden spiral - Pi
        Math - Prime Pages
        Math - Purple Math
        Math - Series Equations
        Math - software for math functions in different languages - Math - Statistical analysis of Internet usage trends
        Math - The R Project for Statistical Computing
        Math - Trig functions
        Med - Color blindness test
        Med - Color blindness test
        Med - The visible Embryo
        Med - Estimate Time of Death
        Med - Health Questions
        MIT open courseware listing
        Physics - Arcs and Sparks - Electricity stuff
        Physics - AntimatterMirror of the Universe
        Physics - Brown University lecture demonstrations
        Physics - CausesOfColor
        Physics - Einstein explains relativity
        Physics - - physics explained
        Physics - Physic
        Physics - Quantum - Lectures by Hans Bethe
        Physics - Quantum - Lecture by Richard Feynman
        Physics - Latest Physics and Astronomy
        Physics - Stephen Hawking’s web site
        Physics - The Elegant Universe (from PBS/NOVA)
        Physics - Demonstrations
        Physics and Astronomy Reference
        Robotics - wheel-balancing robot
        Science of Cooking
        Science Toys
        Stats - The Demographic Transition
        Holotouch Technology
        Space Top
            2-micron all-sky survey - technology has improved since 1969
            Audacious Space Elevator
            Build a Solar System
            Deep Impact - NASA collision scheduled July 4, 2005
            Eye of God
            HSF - International Space Station
            NASA’s overview for the moon missions
            Near-Earth Object Tracking Program - NASA JPL
            NASA star collision
            Neutron star
            Space Weather - checking the ceiling outdoors
            Remote controlled space telescope
            Remote controlled space telescope
            Remote controlled space telescope
            Views of the Solar System
            Voyager 1 and 2 Info
            Where is the International Space Station
    Search Engines Top
        All The
        Ask Jeeves Home
        Become a search engine
        Be The Bot - look like a searchbot
        Bing-Search - specializes in clean clickthroughs
        BrainBoost - Question Answering Search Engine
        DevilFinder - Images search
        Google - adsense
        Google - advanced_image_search
        Google - anonymizing Google’s cookie
        Google - commands reference guide
        Google - factory-tour-slides-2005-05-19
        Google - help central
        Google - how page ranking works
        Google - labs
        Google - Removing your site from
        Google - suggest
        Google -
        Google labs
        GoshME - find the most appropriate search engine - advanced
        MetaCrawler Web Search Home Page
        Net Insert
        Open Text Meta-search
        Pdf Search Engine
        PDF Search Engine
        Sound search
        Search Me-graphic interface to searches - Google speaks
        TinEye Reverse Image Search
        Wayback Machine
        WebCrawler Web Search Home Page
        Yahoo! Instant search - returns top item as you hit each letter
        ZoomInfo - the other side of search; publish your info
        Zniff - by Spurl
    Miscellany Top
        Battery University
        Best_of_still_photojournalism - Nat’l Press Photographers Assn
        Bibliography - BibBuilder 1.3 (Free MLA-Style Bibliography Builder)
        British Film Institute
        Office Manuals online
        British Library - The world's knowledge - team building
        Coffee houses - find one near you
        Colleges in the US
        College - FAFSA application
        College - EFC formula
        Connecticut State Agencies
        Conversions - All
        Conversions - Convert just about anything to anything else
        Conversion Calculator - large list of genealogy sites
        European Commission
        facts, news
        Flight Ejection History
        Forms generated into a PDF for printing
        Google Books - loading all published works into their search engine
        Google’s early PageRank algorithm
        Government Tracker - Monitor Congress
        Guinness World Records
        Holiday Calendar
        Homeland Security Rating
        How to take good photographs
        How to - get rid of hiccups
        How to calculate the distance between two points on the Earth
        Inspice Lost and Found protection
        Jobs Leaving America
        Latin phrases
        Laundry symbols
        National ‘DO NOT CALL’ Registry
        NYPL - images online
        British Library - images online
        official U.S. time
        Old Farmer's Almanac - Home Page
        Recipes - which have certain ingredients; which don’t
        Parstimes Reference
        Reference stuff
        ReliefWeb - On-going International Relief Efforts
        Send a 3D postcard -
        United States Patent and Trademark Office Home Page
        Fresh Patents
        What does your phone number spell
        When Works Pass Into The Public Domain
        World Airport Codes - Index
        World Clock - Time Zones
        Postal Top
            Find Postal Address of any Location on Google Maps
            US Postal Service
            USPS - Look up a ZIP code
            USPS - Zip Code Lookup
            zipdecode ben fry
            UK - Royal
            UK - FreeThePostCode
            UK - Postcodes
    Education Top
        Education - FreeEd
    Business Top
        Brands of the World - Corporate Logos
        Choosing the right software method
        Employer-Employee Relations
        Fortune 100 best companies to work for
        Free management library
        Value-Based Management - excellent summary of mgment methods
        Hidden costs of Offshore Outsourcing
        Outsourced admin - HR, acct, etc
    Jobs Top
        HR Executive
        NP - Non-profit good practices guide
        Salary wizard - CIO Magazine
        Salary Wizard - MRI network
        Salary wizard - Network World
        Salary Surveys & Wizard
        Track It HR connections
        Sell your expertise
        Job Search Sites Top
            Job Bank -
            Jobs in CT
            Part-time and Full-time jobs
   - high-salary jobs
            ZoomInfo - claims to help recruiters find you
            Workplace info
        Job Search - journalism Top
   - The Job Board for Media Professionals
            Internet Resources for Business Journalists
            Writing Tools
        Job Search - tech management Top
            DICE - tech job search
   - freelance talent search
            Quintessential careers
        Job Magazines Top
            ACM’s Portal
            CEO Refresher
        Recruiters Top
            RJS Associates
    Societies and other support Top
        ACM - support TENG
        CT Technology Council
        FreelanceSwitch Hourly Rate Calculator
        SBA - Starting a business
    Currency and Finance Top
        ADVFN - FOREX - Free foreign currency exchange rate charts
        Bar Charts
        Brill’s Mutual Funds Interactive
        Bull and Bear Wise - market indicators
        CNN/Money College costs
        College Financial Aid Estimator
        College EFC_Formula_Guide 2004-2005.pdf
        Currency Trading
        DeepMarket - stocks to consider
        FundAlarm - Triggers on Mutual Funds
        MarketHero - Indian markets
        Market Indicators
        Mutual Funds - from
        Nasdaq SuperSOES launches without a hitch - Computerworld
        National Stock Exchange
        Peterson's College guide - costs
        Pink Sheets - The Universal Currency Converter ®
        Xurrency - currency conversion rates
        Credit cards Top
            Fixed Interest Rate Credit Cards Low APR Card Deals!
            Low Interest Credit Cards
            Top 5 Credit Cards-Best Cards, Lowest Rates, Fastest Approvals.
        Tickers Top
            HeatMaps NASDAQ 100, S&P 500,400,600, Russell 2000 New! ETFs
            Index Descriptions
            Nasdaq Biothechnology Index
            NASDAQ-100 Index
            SSgA Advisor Strategies
Interesting Top
    #10 Downing Street - documenting where people want to go
    100 Web sites you should see
    ask500people - poll
    BayRaider - interesting finds on eBay - make your own (really expensive) blank books
    Calculate the day of the week
    Chain of thought cloud links
    Computer generated Origami
    Do you remember these?
    ExpressionEngine - Publish Your Universe
    Flickr topic search by tag - distilling the world’s wisdom from graduation speeches
    Folding a fitted sheet
    GE | Plug Into the Smart Grid | Augmented Reality
    GraphJam: Pop culture for people in cubicles.
    Glasnost: Results from Tests for BitTorrent Traffic Blocking
    How much is inside?
    How to detect lies
    How to do cube roots of 9-digit numbers in your head
    How to make a million dollars
    Human Paradox (George Carlin) (was - track what music you’ve played
    Let Them Sing For You - flash - famous people sing your lyrics
    Measuring Worth
    Memory - SuperMemo - extend your memory power
    Memory aid
    Minutes of work to buy gas
    Money Origami
    Money pit Island
    Most popular new sites in the last 24 hours
    Music of Alain Mayrand
    Music of Emile Pandolfi
    PopRock Oldies
    Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - as explained on Wikipedia
    MyTwoFrontTeeth - Children’s Charity
    Network News Statistics from Akamai
    Number 1 hit song for any day back to 1900
    Obsolete skills
    Penny Machines
    Podcasts - Create & find them
    Proving 1 = 2
    Readability analysis
    Safe Table Saw
    San Jose Semaphore
    Sites for exchanging favors
    Snopes’ Urban Legends
    Stuff people - gift ideas for all sorts of people
    The Palindrome Quest
    The Rapture Index
    They Rule - how board members link corporations
    ThisIsBroken - report broken stuff from around the ‘Net and the World
    Tip of My Tongue - Chirag Mehta
    We're not afraid
    We're not afraid poster - finds around the Net
    Zazzle - fundraisers
    Videos Top
        Free hugs
        Pange Day
        Stephen Wiltshire, the Living Camera
        Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse
    Advice Top
        Articles on leadership
        How to find lost web pages
        Top 100 cities in the US for different characteristics
        Cell phone security
        Frequently-asked questions about Social Security
        More about handing out your Social Security number
        Get cleverer in 7 days
        Hacking Hotel TVs
        If your wallet or purse are stolen
        Mental Heuristics
        Tricks of the Trade
        Trustworthy, Credible, and Timely Health Information (or so they say)
    Blogs Top
        AllensBlog - 10 commandments for VC meetings
        AnonymousLawyer - deliciously funny and arrogant lawyer
        DistrictDriver - a London Underground driver
        Earning through Blogging
        Evotional ::: Media
        Flickr - video blogs - crossing Flickr with Google Maps using GPS - GPS your photos onto a MapQuest map
        hiring tips
        Hype Machine - listing audio references in blogs - Blogs on Congress
        Seeing Both Sides - blog on VC
        Tech Info Blog
        Tech news in a blog - track overall blog trends
        Toxic custard - video blogs/clips
    Essay Sets Top
        Google Top
            2001-02-12 - Google buys rest of
            2001-09-21 - Google buys Xerox’s PARC labs components
            2003-02-15 - Google buys Pyra (Blogger)(Warn 302)
            2003-04-28 - Google buys Applied Semantics
            2003-09-30 - Google buys Kaltx (page rank)
            2003-10-24 - Google buys Sprinks (Pay per click)
            2004-07-14 - Google buys Picasa
            2004-10-27 - Google buys Keyhole
            2005-03-29 - Google buys Urchin (Web analytics)
            2005-05-12 - Google buys Dodgeball
            Google press releases
            a. The Good God Google
            b. Google’s Future?
            c. Gates vs Google - Search and destroy
            d. Google Dance
            e. Much controversy over Google’s accelerator
            f. Firefox Commercials
            g. IBM backs Firefox in house
            h. epic
            i. Google vs all sorts of things - and RSS
            Yep - still keeping everything
            k. How Google pagerank works
        On Work Top
            Free PowerPoint presentations
            How to stay focused
            IBM revenues
            On managing a project
            Using PowerPoint effectively
        Blogging Rage Top
            a1. Vested interest in blogging meets people warning about children’s privacy
        New Rise of the BBC Top
            a. - Aunty Beeb to the rescue
            c. BBC to
            d. BBC backstage
        Creationism vs. Darwin Top
            Dinosaurs in Eden
            God exists - an engineer explains why
            Scientific American waxes passionate against Creationism
        Notes on Innovation Top
            Mappr Hacks
        Other Essays Top
            Comcast problems
            Deadliest poisons
            On the US anti-God trend
            Photographing Fireworks
            Six degrees of Separation - nonsense
    Consumer Electronics Top
        ARCHOS - Cinema to go
        Video to Archos converter
        cell phone selector
        cell phone uploader
        DVD to PC conversion for free
        extreme tech
        Freeload - download free ringtones to your cell
        G4techTV - Stay Connected
        Kyocera Imaging Product Category
        Mintek Digital#
        Motorola electronics
        Niles Audio Corporation
        Palm Computing
        Philips Consumer Electronics
        PhotoZone Home
        SonyStyle USA - DCR-IP1
        SonyStyle USA - DSC-T1
        TDK Electronics
        Home Theater Top
            Freevo - Freeware PC-based home theatre
            GooSystemsUSA - paint on a wall for a great projector screen
            Master Home Theater Design
            Projector Catalog Home Theater Research Group
            THX home Theatre Overview
            Welcome to Runco! The World's Finest Home Theater Products™
    Dog stuff Top
        Bauernhof Cavaliers
        Breeds of Dogs
        Dogster For the love of dog.
        Labradoodles and Goldendoodles
    Fun Stuff Top
        Akiyoshi's illusion pages
        Badge Maker
        Map maker
        Becoming an Associate
        Big small - big text from little letters
        Blue Ball Page
        Bore me
        Bubblewrap tension reliever
        Build your own crossword puzzle
        Build your own crossword puzzle
        Build your own Enigma machine
        Build your own quiz #1
        Build your own quiz #2
        Build your own quiz #3
        Build your own Segway Scooter
        Calender - build a 3D calendar
        Clock - The Fixed Time World Clock
        Clock - Cable hands
        Clock - quite nice
        Clock - Cogwheels turning
        Clock - Day of Dots
        Clock - Hand writing
        Clock - Human numbers
        Clock - Scrolling timeline.swf
        Clock - Toy blocks
        Clock - time server
        Clock - World stats
        CT Lottery
        Definitions of web words
        Don’t Yawn Game - Britspeak dictionary for Americans - Scottish dictionary for everyone else
        GE collaborative whiteboard toy
        Geocaching - The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site
        Global Rich List - how rich are you?
        Google Labs
        Hello World - in 190 languages
        Inflatable Pub
        Interactive Detective Story
        Internet Mapping Project
        J-Walk Blog
        Letterboxing North America.
        Math puzzles
        Math puzzles - IBM
        Math puzzles - Nick's
        Movie database -
        Murder Mystery 3d Vrml
        Museum of Hoaxes
        My Live Signature
        NASA’s terraforming game
        Official Seal Generator
        One-Dollar Shirt
        PhotoSoup puzzle maker
        Powers of 10 in life
        Spell with Flickr
        Soap - how to make it
        Sony Global - Sony Design
        Talk like a Pirate
        Text Image - convert an image to ASCII text
        Tombstone Generator
        TouchGraph LiveJournal Browser V1.5
        Tracking Santa Live - NORAD
        Tunatic - find out the name of a tune
        Twingley Screensaver - blogs in realtime
        What File Extension / OS / Nigerian Spammer are you?
        Write Your Name in Elvish in Ten Minutes
    Games Top - Rules for everything (not just games)
        Game site
        Action Top
   - flash
            BattleChips - Battleship with fries
            Gravity Ball - flash
            Hangman - flash
            id Software DOOM 3
            Laser - flash
            Nanaca Crash - my high score is 5580 yds
            Penguin basher - my high score is 305 yds
            Plasma Pong
            Netscape Games
            Phone - flash
            popcap Games
            SheepRun - flash
            Throw Rocks at Boys
            Virtual worlds -
            Wolfenstein - flash
            Yahoo! Games
        Brain Top
            Bridges - a flash game
            Chess with moves - flash
            Clay Challenge - $1M for each one you solve
            Unsolved Math problems
            Geography Olympics
            Glasbeadweb - multi-player music over the web
            Grid Game - start a chain reaction
            Guess the Google Keyword
            IBM puzzles
            Intel’s Manager game
            Mensa Test
            Mensa Workout
            Mensa Workout
            Microsoft puzzles
            NetHack - old D&D game
            NotPron - hard multi-level riddle game
            Petals around the Rose
            PsychologyToday - IQ Test
            Take a self-referential aptitude test
            Crosswords Top
                Crosswords from CBS
                Crosswords from the Daily Mirror
                Flash Crosswords
            So Doku Top
                Kakuru - like Su Doku
                Killer Su Doku solver
                Hampster Su Doku
                Su Doku Helper
                Su Doku
                Su Doku Daily
                Su Doku Generator
                Su Doku Solver
                Shortest Sudoko solvers
    Humor Top
        7 Deadly Gummy-bear Sins
        Christian Phone MsgTxt Competition
        Counter-Telemarketer Script
        Horse’s Head
        How to be a Successful Evil Overlord
        Humorous Quotes
        Jester 4.0
        Joke Closet
        Journal of Irreproducible Results
        L-Space Web - A Terry Pratchett - Discworld Web Site
        Management by Random Drop
        Marx Brothers .wav files
        Murphy Laws Site
        Professor Irwin
        Quotes of the Day
        Red Shirt Society
        Self-annihilating Sentences
        Self-referential story
        Shaggy Dog Stories
        Signs from God
        Science Biographical Jokes
        Small ads from the UK
        Software Engineering Proverbs
        Sotally Tober
        Things my girlfriend and I have argued about
        Urban Legends
        Internet Top
            End of the Internet
            End of the Internet
            End of the Internet
            Longest web name on the internet
            Terminal 'cookies'
            WoMD on the Internet
        Cartoons Top
            9 Chickweed Lane
            A Case in Point
            Barkeater Lake
            Get Fuzzy
            Off the Mark
            Pearls Before Swine
            That's Life
            Wallace and Gromit
            Professional Cartoonists
            Classic stock market cartoon
        Humerous Images Top
            Amazing Animals
            Baby Animals
            Cat of the day
            Cute Overload
            Monkey and cat
            Various Images
        Fun Music Top
            A Hippo for Christmas
            Do You Remember?
            OfficeMax - Elf Yourself
        Movies - Clips & shorts Top
            Angry Alien Productions, Sase and Topsie
            Aqua - turn your browser into a fish tank
            Bugging You Song
            Classic April Fools - BBC spaghetti
            Cube News 1
            Egg Song
            FingerMail - draw your message with a bloody finger
            Stupid Videos
            Who cries for the Piñata?
            Yorkshire Airlines
        Movies - full length Top
            Star Trek: The New Voyages - a full-length free movie
            Star Trek: rewritten - download NV here
            Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning - a full-length free movie
        Parody and Satire Top
            Annals of Improbable research
            Bread is Dangerous
            Dorcus - parody on old clothes styles
            Framley Examiner - local journal in UK
            Google’s mirror site
            Primate Programming Inc
    Art and Music Top
        The Nevill Gallery in Canterbury
        Andrew Howat
        Clive Madgwick
        EuroGallery - Search
        John William Waterhouse
        Mervyn Goode
        National Gallery, London-Homepage
        NGA - Selected Photographs from the Collection
        Pharmaceutical Photos
        Richard Thorn
        Christmas Card Scenes Top
            CGFA- Federico Barocci The Nativity
            National Gallery London-Full Collection Index
            National Gallery - A Scene on the Ice near a Town
            National Gallery - A Winter Scene
            National Gallery - An Inn by a Frozen River
            National Gallery - Fox Hill, Upper Norwood
            National Gallery - Lavacourt under Snow
            National Gallery - The Adoration of the Kings
            National Gallery - The Adoration of the Shepherds
            National Gallery - The Boulevard de Clichy under Snow
            National Gallery - The Castle of Muiden in Winter
            National Gallery - Triptych The Adoration of the Kings
            National Gallery - Winter Landscape
        Photographs and Wallpaper Top
            Beautiful Desktop Themes
            Bird Gallery
            British Panoramics
            Cambridge in Colour
            China - Amazing images
   - gorgeous photos, usually from Blackpool, UK
            Classic movie posters
            Daily Dose of Imagery
            Dognose Heaven
            Durham Township, PA - a Walk Through
            Free Range photo stock
            GRIN - Great Images in NASA
            HubbleSite - Gallery
            HubbleSite - Wallpaper
            Images that changed the world
   Classic Pictures LIFE Photographs
            Mark Tucker Photography
            MorgueFile - photograph archive
            NASA - Image of the Day Gallery
            Nature Photographers Online Magazine
            Nature Photos
            North American Nature Photography Association - NANPA
            Panoramas of Nature
            Panoramic views
            Panoramic view of Paris - scroll right
            Photon Echoes Homepage - Photography by Lauri Kangas
   - photography encyclopedia
            Pictures of Britain
            Pictures of England - links
            Pictures of Grand Canyon National Park
            Pictures of London’s Industrial Heritage
            Pictures of Oxford
            Steve McCurry Galleries - pictures of India
            Terra Galleria photography travel, landscape, and nature pictures
            Wikipedia wallpaper
            World at Night (NASA)
            Image fixer
            Stock Top
                ImageAfter - Royalty-free images
                OpenPhoto - royalty-free images
                PDPhoto - royalty-free images
                Stock Vault
        Music Top
            All Music - links between all types of music
            (Audioscrobbler) learns what music you like
            Free music - no, really!
            Free music - yep!
            Gilbert and Sullivan Archive
            CLAM music annotator, chorder
            Name My Tune - when you can only hum it - ask someone
            Noel Paul Stookey
   - operas and concerts around the world
            Pandora - streamed music for free
            Sarah Brightman Site
            Something Stupid MIDI
            MIDI files online
            More MIDI files online
            Charmer's MIDI page
    Literature Top - Cambridge History of Brit and Amer Lit.
        British Library - old and ancient books scanned
        Classical Authors Library
        Free audio Books
        Free classical eBooks
        Literary Map of Manhatten
        Literature Network
        Seventeenth Century - English Metaphysical Poets
        Nineteenth Century British Authors
        NYPL, Digital Library
        Online Literature Library
        Open Library Project
        Project Gutenberg Catalog
        Project Gutenburg - Proofreaders
        Reader's Robot -- A Reader's Advisory Service
        Shakespeare’s Hamlet
        Squashed Philosophers
        Strand Mystery magazine
        Authors Top
            Austin, Jane - center in Bath
            Austin, Jane - The Republic of Pemberley
            Chesterton, G. K.
            Marlowe, Christopher
            Dickens, Charles
            Thomas, Dylan
            Elliot, T.S.
            Joyce, James
            Keats, John
            Kipling, Rudyard
            Milton, John - Reading Room
            Pepys, Samuel - Diary
    History Top
        AngloSaxon Chronicle
        BBC - A History of Britain
        BBC - impressive flash displaying civilisations
        BBC - WW2 People's War
        Birmingham’s Best-kept Secret - cold war phone bunkers history
        British Prime Ministers
        Camp Dodge USA pictorial history
        Channel 1
        Edwardian Life (UK Channel 4)
        Golden Age of Ocean Travel
        History of Computer Languages
        History of Time(keeping) - NIST
        Images from Britannia
        Mythology Encyclopedia
        New Zealand
        Red Gold . Blood History Timeline . 2500 BCE-999 BCE PBS of (nearly) every country since 1700AD
        stonepages - about stone rings
        Timeline of British History
        Tower Bridge Exhibition
        We Choose the Moon
        Biographies Top
            Ingrid Bergman
            John F. Kennedy - Speeches
        History - WW II Top
            Enigma - build your own WWII German Enigma machine
            Atomic Bomb Development
            Auschwitz and Birkenau
            Auschwitz 2
            BBC - BBC4 Audio Interviews
            BBC - WW2 People's War - browse the site
            German Concentration Camps
            Nicholas Winton - the Schindler of Britain
            Panorama of WW II - 360 degree photos of places from WW2
            Speeches of Winston S. Churchill
            Underground Kent - WWII
            Vancouver Holocaust Museum
            WW II Air Aces
        This Day in History Top
            BBC On this Day
            births-deaths-marriages 4 October
            dMarie Time Capsule
            This week in RockandRoll
            MSN Encarta - On This Day In History
            On This Day (NY Times)
            On This Day. . .
            On This Day
   - News
            This Day in History
            This Day in History (History Channel)
            This Day in Mathematics
            This week in Chemistry
            This Day in Music History
            Those Were the Days, Today in History
            Today in History
            Wikipedia's This Day in History
            YarraNet On This Day
history2 Top
    Search (Veterans History Project, Library of Congress)
    Castle Blog
dictionaries2 Top
    Most Popular Sources of News for Bloggers - Mainstream Media Sites
    The Best 6 Sites to Get Free Ebooks
    InterTran - translation result
    How To Say That
    Newseum - Today's Front Pages
    AcreScout - Your Commercial Property Guide
    HotelChatter Annual WiFi Report 2009 into stories, scams, hoaxes, myths, and urban legends on the Internet Human-powered Search
    OneLook Reverse Dictionary people search
    Spock-Free People Search
    CIA - The World Factbook -User manuals and other support documents
media2 Top - Track online video viewership trends and analytics on YouTube, MySpace, Google, Yahoo!, MetaCafe and Revver
    Piano Society - Free Classical Recordings and Sheet Music
    Gallery - Most stunning images of 2008 - Image 10 - New Scientist
    Vimeo, Video Sharing For You
    IMSDB: Read Movie Scripts Online
    Sophie Madeleine music
    More Than Dodgeball » Blog Archive » Viva La Vida Fall Kickoff - Group - wowonline
    LIFE photo archive hosted by Google
    TED: Ideas worth spreading
    Q 2009
    The DO Lectures | 4th - 8th September 2008
    Pangea Day - May 10, 2008: Film to Inspire and Compel Social Change
    cleepr, the music video search engine
    Freeplay Music-Free and Mp3 Music Downloads
    Hulu - Watch your favorites
    BBC - Sound Index
    Hayley Westenra International - HWI Video Player 2006 - 2009
    The Best Photo Sites on the Web for News in Pictures
    TimeTube by Dipity: mashup of YouTube and Dipity APIs.
software2 Top
    How To Share A Printer Over The Internet
    Create a Product Catalog of Amazon Items - Publish as Flash
    Create Your Own Email Client With RoundCube Webmail - URL Shortener from StumbleUpon
    IntenseDebate comments enhance and encourage conversation on your blog or website
    Using Weather Data to Change Your Website’s Appearance through PHP and CSS
    context Hover
    MyStudiyo Templates - Create a quiz to embed on your site/blog
    Bare Metal Software-BareTail - Free tail for Windows
    blueprintcss - Google Code
    Sprout Builder-Create living content
    Unicode Character Entities
    http_code identifiers
    Character entities
    HTML.SU-HTML/XHTML Character Entities
    Ajaxorized » Phototype: image manipulation with Javascript
    planetOzh-The Lightbox Clones Matrix
    Lightweight Ajax Slideshow
    6 FREE Tools To Get The Best Keywords For Your Site
    Yet Another Multicolumn Layout
    GridFox - The Grid Layout Firefox Extension
    Yahoo! UI Library: Grids CSS
    CSS-Tricks-CSS Sprites
    Css Globe-4 Css Techniques For Links
    Sliding JavaScript Menu
    Page2RSS - Create an RSS feed for any web page - Improve your images
    Open Source Silverlight Charts
    WebMedley-CMS for your Church, Ministry
    CushyCMS - FREE hosted CMS
    The ImpressCMS Project
    SilverStripe - Open Source CMS / Framework
    Sava CMS - Open Source ColdFusion CMS - Free to download and use
    Retail icons
    Good Keywords - Find the best keywords for your web pages
    LightCMS is a web based content management system for designers and ad agencies
    FileHamster-Content Pipeline for Console Game Developers
    13+ Fantastic Tools For Knowing How They’re Doing It
    How to Code HTML Email Newsletters [HTML & XHTML Tutorials]
    960 Grid System
    How to add Yahoo! Search to your site
    Black Viper
    The JavaScript Source: Math Related: Floating Calculator
    Bright! - a free icon set
    eCommerce shopping cart software
    [CG Textures] - The worlds largest free texture site
    MP3 Keyshifter - Shift the key of Backing Tracks
    outbrain - Blog reports
    Gravatar - Globally Recognized Avatars
    Flexcrypt: Automatic Email Encryption and Decryption
    TrueCrypt - Free Open-Source On-The-Fly Disk Encryption Software
tech2 Top free internet file sharing - Portable software for USB drives
    CNET Executor - Free software downloads and reviews
    TechnoPraxis™: Text Message from Email
    DD-WRT software for wireless routers
    Edit Your Images In A New & Better Way With Seam Carving
    PC World-101 Undiscovered Freebies: The List
    Low Price Color Printing Online at Splat Print
    Free HTML to PDF Converter
    Remap Keyboard Keys with Sharp Keys
    Doodle: Easy appointment Scheduling
    DownloadHelper - Media download Firefox extension
    boxee: the open, connected, social media center for mac os x and linux
    Email Trace - Trace Email and Track Email tool domains, Webspace, email boxes and great service
    Simple DNS Plus DNS Hosting, E-mail Delivery, VPS Hosting and Other Services
    Perform High Precision Calculations With SpeedCrunch
    Outlook Attachment Reminder - Never Forget an Email Attachment Again
    Roadkil.Net-read dead CDs
    NetDrive - The Network Drive for Windows
    Notifu-Send Group Messages Free via email, IM, SMS, or phone w/ ACKs & responses
    Font Viewer
    Google PageRank Checker - Check Google page rank of any web pages
    Picitup Visual Image Search
    PDFtk - One App to Collate, Split, Rotate and Watermark PDFs
    FormatFactory - File format convert tools
    VidBlaster - Video Production at Your Fingertips
    The Road to Know Where: Ultimate List of Free Windows Software from Microsoft
    Gapminder - animating stats
    Cuil all of your social networks at once
    TwitDir - a Twitter directory
    Twitter Fan Wiki / Bots Alerts for a search term
    Expo TV | video product reviews
    ZapTXT : index
    Omnisio-Share videos, Create compilations, Add slides and annotations
    The Web Squeeze-40 Free Stock Photo Sites
    Outlook Duplicate Items Remover
    1-800-Remotes Factory original replacement remote controls
    Wordle - Beautiful Word Clouds
    Opera Skins
    Down for everyone or just me?
    Mozilla Messaging Thunderbird Releases
    How To Secure Your Wireless Network
    FixUpMyPic - Photo Improvement
    Alpha Geek: Whip your MP3 library into shape, Part I - Level the volume
    Pando-Download and Share large files
    Webcam Mania - Download
    Projection Throw Distance and Screen Size Calculator
    ScreenToaster - Free online screen recorder
    280 Slides - Create & Share Presentations Online
    ReadWriteWeb-15 Places to Find Great Screencasts
    Zoho Show - Online presentation tool
    SlideRocket-Online Presentation Software
    broadband-related statistics in OECD countries.
phones2 Top
    Signal Map - Find the best cell phone coverage in your area
    TokBox - Live Video Calling
    How To Get A Skype-In Phone Number For Free
    Phonevite-Send announcements and reminders over the phone
    RIM rolls out a thinner Curve smartphone | Betanews
    Easy to use web based, browser to browser phone
    The disconnect between bars and cell signal - Free GPS cell phone tracking system & mobile phone locator.
interesting2 Top
    PRWeb::Press Release Distribution for small businesses
    RPO -- Selected Poetry of George Herbert (1593-1633)
    Tatango - connecting groups through group text messaging
    Turn Your Name Into a Face
    One Laptop per Child Foundation @
    Best Kisses
    Journey to the rim of existence, as we know it
    Zooming into concrete - Slow zoom into concrete
    Find the Lowest Connecticut Gas Prices on a Map
    Ten Blogging Commandments
    HDgreetings free ecards, online greeting cards for birthday’s and holidays
    EkkoTV : Video Chat with 2 of your Friends
    HomeCamera: Setup a Home Surveillance System using a Webcam
    Digital Video Formats and Video Conversion Explained
    Results of the World's Best Presentation Contest 2008 - SlideShare
    yWriter5 - Free novel writing software to help you write a book
    Stormpulse-Hurricane tracking, mapping
    Real Estate Valuations
other2 Top
    EasyBib: Free Bibliography Maker
    CBS Crossword
    Crossword Quick Solve - Crossword Clue Solver
    Logic Games Online - Daily 9x9 Nurikabe Archive
    Cool math games
    iSerenity - Bird Songs- ambient sound environments
    4 Apps To Make Your Own Motivational Posters
    Torrington YMCA
    Mr. Handyman - For all your handyman and home repair jobs
    Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 -- What makes you stand out?
    Yearbook Yourself
    SpotCrime - Know Your Neighborhood
    celtx - free screenwriting software storyboard schedule
    Burns, Brooks & McNeil - Stop Junk E-mail and Misinformation
    Joongel vertical web search on the web
    Free Vector World Maps Collection
    Truck Loads for Truck Drivers
huh? Top
    w.bloggar - usb portable
    Charisma’s Top% - Fire In My Bones
    RichApps » Applications
    World Wide Open
    Multicolor Search Lab
    Mariah Power - Windspire Launched to Market!
    I Am Second
    Agoriad-cy - check output from apertium-cy
    Steve Gwilt's FeedFlix page
    Yahoo! Glue - Web Search
    Real-time Web Monitor
    PersonalBrain: Has anyone made use of this tool in the classroom? Looks interesting! (via /
    Edge 255
    Gigya - Boost Widget Distribution and Get Real Time Tracking
    Trend Central
    6zap Product
    senduit | Share easily.
    Once Upon A School
    streber-Feature overview
    The Trac Project
    the switchboard: accounts
    Pixdaus, God Gave Us Pics!
    retrieve map info
    A Couple of Good Leads: Lapinator and |
    ONE | FrontPage
    Follow the Heard: Swiftword Application
    VC: If You Are Looking For Something More Entrepreneurial
    Quarkbase : Everything about a Website
    Orb Networks - how it works
    How To Set Up Your Own WampServer
    FM 100 Hue Test
    Cogitum LC